First Contact Business Loans


We can assist with all your business loan needs from caveat to second mortgages and beyond. We know its tough out there and our finance network is much quicker than traditional banks and can help small businesses with cash flow. When leveraging asset business finance can sometimes generate greater funding on a group of assets than can traditional business loans.

It is vital that a company can generate cash flow where full repayment of the short term business loan is possible at the end of the loan term otherwise short term caveat funding may not be the best and most viable option.

Short term business loans could improve your business dramatically. You might need the funds for marketing or advertising, to help increase brand awareness and make your business stand out in the crowd. This often requires an injection of capital up front which many businesses struggle to obtain using traditional business loans. With the traditional bank business loans being harder to come by, many businesses struggle to raise funding for future expansion.

Short term loans can be used to buy bulk stock or extend your stock range.Short term business loans can be used to refurbish business premises or to open a new store at a different location. Short term business loans arranged at FIRST CONTACT BUSINESS LOANS is an ideal cash solution that you can opt for when there is an instant cash requirement in your business.

In many cases, the need for short term loans is only temporary because the business quickly gets back on its feet. The money is then repaid in a quick manner and operations can progress as usual. Some urgent business finance needs have positive causes like an unexpected large order. If the customer doesn’t require payment until after the order has been filled, short term business loans can help fund production. Once the order is supplied to the customer the short term loan can then be repaid.

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